Besides working on maquettes (scale models), there are projects being worked on into the future.  Show dates and venues are still being established, but all three projects are underway

Current Work




Ec-stasis , based on poem by Luci Shaw

Ec-stasis, based on poem by Luci Shaw

Installation Commission

Research for an upcoming permanent installation will continue until the site is selected and confirmed. Stay tuned!

Ec-stasis: I created a maquette based on a poem by Lucy Shaw, and now we just need a museum or gallery venue to build it full scale!  Somewhere in North America would be wonderful.  Suggestions?

Commission from Washington State Arts Commission: Marysville/Pilchuck High School will get a permanent installation on their campus as a sign of hope. HopeGate is now under construction and we hope to install the aluminum piece by the end of September 2019.